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About Stephanie Ndebele

Stephanie is a young and introverted writer who enjoys being able to navigate through life online and appreciates the convenience of online services. This means she is well versed in the world of online shopping and also how to get all the best discounts and sales. Her favourite categories to write about are fashion, health and beauty and books too! She makes sure she is always in the loop and regularly checks all her favourite online stores for deals and savings while ensuring that she does not compromise when it comes to her love for high-quality products. When Stephanie is not scouring the internet for amazing offers, she enjoys curling up with a good book with music playing in the background.

Stephanie’s Proudest Saving

As a young lady who moved out of her parent’s home not too long ago, Stephanie was consistently hunting for affordable household appliances, furniture and wallpaper to be able to customise her new space. In that process, she came across an amazing deal for a twin-tub washing machine that came with free laundry detergent and free delivery! She quickly made the purchase and swears it was and still is her proudest saving. This was not only because she got to use her discount coupon and also got free delivery, but also because the twin tub washing machine is very cost-effective!

Stephanie’s Top Saving Tip

  • Always compare prices and terms (i.e. delivery options) before purchasing anything.
  • Sign up for newsletters and updates for all your favourite brands so you can stay updated.
  • Make sure you group your purchases by brand so that you can enjoy the benefits of any discount to the fullest.
  • Register with discount-saving websites like Love Coupons to have all the best deals sent directly to your inbox.
  • Share information about savings you get from websites like Love Coupons with friends and family so that they do the same. This way, everyone saves!

What Makes Love Coupons The Best Place To Work?

Stephanie says working at Love Coupons is amazing. She enjoys working on all the different brands, some of which she had never heard of before joining the team, not to mention the opportunity to work with many people from all walks of life. She works under a very helpful lady, who assures her constantly that no question is too silly or any request for assistance too tedious, making her work experience smooth and stress-free. She, much to her surprise, also enjoys the team meetings they have at Love Couponsand says they help her stay in touch with everyone in a way that she can handle.

What Stephanie Enjoys the Most About Her Job Role

Stephanie enjoys exploring different brands under different categories daily. Comparing all the different designs for all the fashion brands, all the different types of beauty products that are available in the market and all the electrical appliances that you can purchase is not only eye-opening but also very educational. She now schools her relatives regularly about all you can access with only the click of a couple of buttons. Stephanie also likes that by doing her job she not only shows people what they can get from the brand, but also what similar brands have to offer and other categories in which the customer might be interested.

Stephanie Ndebele's Categories of Interest

Stephanie Ndebele's Favourite brands

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